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She didn’t fall right into the train, like you’d picture it happening. I guess if you timed it perfectly it would be possible to get that certain bug-in-a-windshielf effect. But, no, it wasn’t like that. She fell all the way and landed on the tracks with about two and a half seconds left on the clock; broken down like this… First a confused, “What the fuck just happened to me?” look… and then a horrific abbreviated moment of total comprehension as she looked up. Destiny caught her half-standing, in a doomed escape attempt that could not have possibly been enough. A scream cut short. A forced, unprepared auto eulogy, interrupted and spread liberally over three-hundred feet of subway line. Commotion, into which the man dissapeared. Shock and bewilderment. The general disgust that couldn’t entirely veil the underlying fascination. Lots of shrieking, as if they were all finishing off for her. A half-compliant evacuation. Police. Firemen. Authority to officialized tragedy. Yellow tape. The Six-o-Clock news to tell the people what they never saw. Monopolized reality for the maintanence of order. Collected at the source and redistributed as is seen fit. Sterilized. Meanwhile, a strong stench. The men in the blue overalls trying not to retch. The ones that have to account for every fingernail before the rats do. The vulgarity of the scene. The permanence of the image. You never fully realize until moments like this, that people really are 70 percent water.


Twitching Tongues
Oct 5 2014
Sneaky Dee’s

man on the mountain sets free the holy dove


Preorders for DROWN ‘Dispossession’ are live. Buy or die. Buy and die.

Texas music taken to the limit. The heat fries your brain down there, turning you into a twisted riff monster with no regard for listener safety. Pushing hardcore to more abusive and pummeling lengths with each song they write, the band’s newest effort, Dispossession, solidifies these Houston natives as true gatekeepers of hell. Listen at your own peril. 


Our friend @alvincarrillo hopped in the van with us for a couple days when we were in California with @ceremony and took some pretty fotos. Love you uncle Al. 😘
http://www.thefourohfive.com/news/article/a-photo-journal-from-nothing-140 (just go to our Facebook for link)


Take Cover Sessions - Toy Boats - Wedding Town

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